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Samsung HS40



The new system UGEO PT60A of Samsung Medison is a compact system designed to meet the needs of the handheld market (tablet style), and incorporates advanced new features such as a 10.1-inch LED touch-screen that guarantees an optimum reaction time and the Needle Mate™ technology.

With its outstanding performance, slim and compact size, and ease- of- use; the UGEO PT60A is ideal for studies in ICU, emergency and anesthesia.


The PT60A of Samsung Medison technology includes the following:

  • Needle Mate™:  The highest levels of accurancy and efficiency in diagnosis; using pinpoint precision, the Needle Mate outlines the needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks, corticosteroid injections and PIC line insertions.

  • AutoIMT™: Software that allows automatically measuring the intima-media.

  • SDMR ™:  This software provides magnetic resonance quality without the unwanted speacke noise, providing exceptional contrast resolution.

Technical Characteristics


Clinical Benefits

The UGEO PT60A is an innovative system, designed solely to meet portable market needs and integrating features such as: 10.1” touchscreen and NeedleMate™.

Premium performance, thin, compact and user friendly, the UGEO PT60A has been designed to meet the requirements of intensive care ultrasounds, studies in bed-ridden patients and ultrasound-guided anaesthetic procedures.



Patient Benefits

It provides tools allowing a quicker and safer flow of clinical studies.

The UGEO PT60A design can also help sports medicine specialist to quickly examine injuries with easy access to common functions made possible by sensitive full touch-screen and intuitive interface.



User Benefits

Higher diagnosis and treatment precision levels with the UGEO PT60A, that includes state-of-the-art technologies such as a 10.1” LED, 100% tactile equipment, Needle Mate™ for the exact positioning of needles and SDMR™ providing clearer images with an innovative noise reduction filter.



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