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Ziehm Imaging Vision R

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The Vision R system incorporates a highly compact and powerful mono bloc generator.

It has a rotating anode acquiring high-quality images with the lowest radiation dose possible.

These properties, along with the advanced cooling system, considerably enlarge operating times and allow acquiring incomparable high-quality images.


The technology applied in the Vision R system includes the following:

  • Compact and powerful generator with a rotating anode. It operates different pulses between 4 ms and 30 ms
  • 1 k x 1 k resolution. It provides more than 4 thousand grey shadows.
  • SmartDose
  • ODDC
  • Advance Active Cooling (AAC)
Vision R Display


Clinical Benefits

  • Adequate for complicated procedures in cardiology and vascular interventions, such as PTCA, PTA y EVAR.
Aplicación Cardiaca
Vasos pequeños

Patient Benefits

  • SmartDose. High quality images in low radiation doses. 

User Benefits

  • The compact design of this portable C arch and its great ease of use are an advantage to surgeons and operating personnel.
  • Simple, intuitive use.
  • The SmartEye technology makes the touchscreen easy to use. It allows changing brightness, contrast, rotation, among other, by a simple touch of the screen.